Sales & Customer Service Update

Clifford-Jacobs appreciates your business and in order to better serve you we are making several changes to better respond to your needs. 

Our production manager, Dede Heidbreder, is a huge asset to our organization, with 20 years of experience at Clifford-Jacobs.  Dede’s primary responsibilities include raw material acquisition as well as production throughput.  In order to provide our customers with the best service possible, effective immediately Dede will be solely focusing on these areas and all order inquiries, customer service or pricing issues should be directed to our sales and customer service team.  Please be aware that phone calls and/or emails to Dede will go unanswered.  We respectfully ask that you direct your questions, concerns or comments to one of the contacts below. 

Requests for Quotes:


General Sales/Customer Service Issues
Email:  or
Phone:  217.352.5172
Fax:  217.352-4629

Aaron Brown, Customer Account Specialist x 253

Lori Brown, Inside Sales x 236

Chris Welch, Sales Manager x 226

We are very excited to also announce that a new crew started on our second shift, with our 20,000 pound hammer.  As this team ramps up production levels, lead times will continue to drop.  A third crew is planned to be added to our second shift in May.  We will keep you updated on our added capacity levels, but know that Clifford-Jacobs is committed to serving you 100%. 

Thank you for your business and please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, concerns or comments.