CJ Brings Home the Bronze!

In 2009, Caterpillar (CAT), one of Clifford-Jacobs’ largest customers, rolled out a new Supplier Quality Excellence Program (SQEP).  Clifford-Jacobs rose up to the task to seek bronze level certification over this last year which primarily focuses on quality (rejects – or PPM, parts per million rejected) and on-time delivery. 

Quality has come a long way.  Clifford-Jacobs improved PPM by 98% from 2009 to present.  Our forge shop went 7 months straight without any rejections of CAT parts from December to June. 

On-time delivery has been a challenge with an influx of business as well as long lead times from steel mills.  Clifford-Jacobs production, quality and shipping staff work very closely to make the certification standard of 95% on-time delivery every month. 

Coupled with the focus on quality and delivery, Clifford-Jacobs implemented Six Sigma initiatives over the past year in conjunction with the CAT SQEP.  Kyle Zook, Forge Engineer, will be Clifford-Jacobs’ first Six Sigma Black belt and spearheaded several projects to streamline processes, become more proactive at identifying  quality issues and be able to better meet needs and special requests of our customers.  Under the direction of our Deployment Champion, Jesse Lindley, Product Manager, Clifford-Jacobs expects to improve efficiencies internally, that will ultimately impact our customers in a positive way.